Millie Loves Camp Salvation

Posted on 03. Mar, 2012 by admin in Testimonials

What is Camp Salvation? FUN! Volleyball and Capture the Flag, a long hike, a game of cards in the dining hall during a beautiful afternoon thunderstorm, or long talks at night with new friends in the excitement of a cabin in the woods.  Camp Salvation makes memories like these, over and over.

But maybe more lasting, more powerful, are the moments where away from technology and the pressures of life, all of us find God a little easier.  Moments like discovering that a perfect Father loves me.  Because of the cross of Jesus, my past doesn’t have power over me.  Someone sees me.  I see myself. I see beauty. Beauty helps to heal me.  My grief deserves attention. God cares about my pain. He will help me. I am not alone. I am not forgotten. I am LOVED.  I can finally discover what is happening inside of me. I can finally search for answers and ask questions. I am becoming and He has been with me all along.

As a counselor who has continually been blessed by the Love of Jesus at camp, my longing is that more children and adults will discover the Love of their Creator, and this is a place the discovery is happening. I love Camp Salvation!

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  1. Fred Miller 20 June 2012 at 7:59 pm #

    Hi Millie, our son Justin and his family just came home from there today. They’ve spent the last several days sprucing the place up a bit.
    Remember… Jesus Makes You Incredible !
    Blessings on you!
    Make it a Great Summer ! ! !
    Fred Miller

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