These are some of the available activities Camp Salvation has to offer:

The purpose of Camp Salvation is “to evangelize, to educate, and to train in the art of Christian living, with special emphases on the work among young people.” This is our mission statement and everything at camp is done with these goals in mind.

All day every day we have activities, games, meals and services that all have a purpose in the bigger plan of either bringing young people into a relationship with Jesus Christ, or training those who already know Him, how to live for Him. These are the same basic goals that every body of believers should have. However, there is something powerful about getting away into the mountains and away from all the distractions that usually come between us, and our Creator. Getting away makes it easier to hear what He has been trying to say to us. Also, there is something about living with a group of people for a week that reveals things about ourselves, and makes us accountable to do the things that we say we want to do for God.  Another reason camp is so easy to hear from God is that you are in a loving, accepting atmosphere with people who genuinely care about you and are there to see you grow spiritually. Not only that, but there are people there and also back at home who are committed to prayer for the kids up at camp. Prayer warriors who are in fervent prayer for you and for those who are trying to minister to you. Those are some powerful reasons that make camp such an effective tool in the lives of young people.

There are so many good reasons why camp is such a powerful tool in the life of believers. Anyone who takes advantage of camp ministries will be blessed, and I assure you that if you want to hear from God, that He also desires to speak to anyone who is trying to listen.


  • Sand Volley Ball –There is a sand volley-ball court that is used every week. The older weeks usually have some pretty fun games, but in the younger weeks it usually turns into a big sand-box.
  • Frisbee Golf – There are suggested maps in the camp office that will mark out a “course” that will range all over the camp, or you could blaze your own course. Frisbees can be borrowed from the camp store, or you can bring your own
  • Ping and Foosball – Now located in the “Inner Court” Balls can be borrowed or purchased in the store.
  • Hiking –There is something about getting out and walking around in God’s creation. Sure it is good exercise, but if you do it with your eyes wide open, you can’t help being impressed with God and somehow feel closer to Him. We plan to have maps of local hiking trails and there is always campground for the ones who are not so ambitious. Those that want to make a day of it and go out and conquer a real mountain, can give the director some warning the day before and we can send you with a sack lunch instead of staying at camp for the noon meal.
  • Boating – The camp has been given some paddle boats and a row boat as well as some others that people have loaned to the camp for the summer. We will try to get the kids out on the water for a boat ride sometime during the week at no extra cost. During family camp and family work week, there is the option of possibly fishing on the nearby lakes as well if you bring a vehicle that we can strap the boat on the top of, and you have your own fishing license and tackle. (There are also local bate shops for the last minute type as well.) North Lake is fly-fishing and live bate only and Monument lake allows more and has a bate shop.
  • Other Sports Equipment, like basketballs, volleyballs, ping-pong balls, horse shoes, etc…can be borrowed and sometimes bought from the camp store.
  • Arts and Crafts – It varies every year, as to what to expect. A staple craft for the kids have been beads and hemp string to make team bracelets or necklaces.
  • There are some board games and card games available in the Dining Hall as well, but if you have a favorite, bring it with you!

Camp is full of good times, good people, beautiful surroundings, the preaching of the Word of God, worship music, fun games, and God’s love expressed in so many different ways. See you at Camp!