This is a great place to bring your youth for a week full of fun activities, new friendship, and most importantly cutting down on the “noise” of life to hear God speak and work in our lives.

We are in need of people to volunteer as nurses for the 2016 summer! Please contact Tim Muth if you can help!

Needs List for 2016:

We need volunteers to bring kids to camp, we need volunteers to stay with kids at camp as; counselors in the cabins with the campers, cooks, helpers, nurses, game directors, activity directors, craft people, maintenance workers, etc… We even need weekend retreaters to come up or stay up for the weekend to make sure the cleaning we try to get done before everyone leaves on Saturday gets done, and the sheets get washed and folded for the next week of camp. If someone stays up it cuts down on the things that have to be shut down and also makes it easier for people to come up early for the next week without worrying the camp will be locked and they have to wait or someone with a key. (Talk to Tim if you would be interested in this ministry)

Other needs you may be able to help us with for this year are as follows:

  • We need church vans to come up with the kids and stay up in case we need to get campers off the mountain in an emergency and also they make it possible to take the campers on a big hike during the week. Or even have one or two rented for the 5 weeks of camp so we have transportation for the weeks we do not have enough transportation available (happens a lot).
  • We often have housing needs that we hope to fix with a new chapel and turning the old chapel into staff housing. In the mean time, someone volunteering to leave a camper trailer up there for the month of July could free up a whole cabin by giving the staff a place to stay and then we could fill the cabin they would have used to house campers instead! (We use two cabins for staff now- one for the women helper staff, and one for the men)
  • We need a few things for our water system this year, like a new chlorinator pump, testing equipment, and possibly a portable 2”-3” pump for cleaning out the well at the beginning of camp.
  • We need weekend retreaters! That’s right, you could bless our camp by just being there on the weekend so we would not have to lock everything up and still get a few things done for us on the weekend to get ready for the next week of camp. Sheets need washed and folded and there are probably things to clean so the rest of the volunteers who were there that week of camp can get home a little faster. You could use boats or other facilities and have camp ready for the next week’s volunteers to be able to show up early and not have to worry about the camp being locked up until someone shows up with a key.
  • We are looking for a 300 gal Propane tank (Or bigger) for the guy’s bathroom/shower house to just be filled once a year instead of changing out the bottles when they run out and we have cold water for a while.
  • We need drivers to bring your church’s campers up to camp so the staff can get there earlier and have a little training and preparation time before the week starts.
  • The big Project need is still the Chapel we would like to build. Our chapel is too small to fit everyone that comes and staff has to sit outside if the weather permits or just miss out. If we had a bigger chapel it would make it possible for everyone up there to attend if they can, and would free up the old chapel to be turned into staff housing and free up the two cabins we have to use now to house our support staff. This would free up beds to house about 20 to 24 more campers each week. (We have beds for about 72 campers now.) We have raised the money we estimate to build a new one! Praise the Lord for His hand and providing for people to bless us.  Which brings us to our next need:
  • We need someone to head up the Chapel Project. Someone who can take our concept drawings and plans and come up with an actual blueprint and more accurate estimate on how much the project should cost. Someone who will help organize the materials that get donated, the people who volunteer and the stages of work that will need to be done. I can help with some of the organization, but really need someone with contracting experience or engineer skills to take the actual building side of the project and run with it. Money is being raised and I believe that God will provide all that is needed, including someone who will step into this roll, maybe it is you!
  • We need doctors to offer inexpensive camp physicals to people, so kids and camp staffers in their area can afford to come to camp.
  • I would like to find a cool looking fake fire to have or just to use on the weeks it is too dry and we cannot get a burn permit or the weather keeps us from having a traditional camp fire at the end of the week to share testimonies around and wrap up camp. We have made some make-shift ones in the past, but I would like one that looks nice and thought I’d throw this “silly” request on the needs list this year.
  • Something else that would be nice would be for someone to finish or draw up a low ropes course that would be inexpensive, easy to use, and would have some good team building exercises in it. I don’t have much experience with low ropes courses and would love to have someone come up with a good meaningful plan and help get it up before campers come up. Might even be nice to have something like a playground area that could be used by the younger campers.
  • Bigger life vests for when we go boating. We could use a few more adult sizes and/or medium sized vests for preteens (so they don’t use up the adult ones). They are required by CO law if you are in a boat on a lake, and we have several, they are just mostly small ones.
  • We have enjoyed some wonderful prayer walks in the past and if this is something you are passionate about, maybe you could be the one to design and set up a prayer walk for the kids as they spend some personal time with God during camp.
  • We need Prayer Warriors to pray for camp, the staff that will be coming and the youth that will be attending camp. I believe this is one of the things that makes our camp so successful and we can never have too much of it. Maybe this is the way you can volunteer and It is a big one!

I look forward to being involved with Camp Salvation again this year and hope you will pray about what kind of involvement God would have you do, whether to be in prayer, financial assistance, donations, or volunteering as a worker, or staff member.

God Bless!

Tim Muth

Director of Camp Salvation