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Work Weekend

There was a group of people from the building committee who came up with a backhoe and got the drain lines heading out of the dining hall buried and tied in to the main sewage drain. This was a job we had need done for a while, and we are very glad it is done!. Gary got some Freon to recharge the fridge. Brian did some plumbing in the dining Hall and got the water up and running. The Burhenn family got the gift shop ready and made some improvements for the camp season. Several other repairs and projects were done and we want to thank the early crew for their much needed and improvements and maintenance.

The propane was topped off again by Mr. Martin with no charge to the camp. What a blessing!

For the “official” Work Weekend this year the youth group from Crossroads Church, and directed by Randy Anderson, came up and did a fantastic job of getting the camp ready as well as getting some much needed projects done for us, especially those that needed a welder.

  • Cleaned cabins
  • Moved mattresses into the cabins
  • Got picnic tables out and repaired some of them
  • Got the shed and chapel emptied out and stuff set up
  • They welded the boat trailer together and it is now ready to go
  • The basket ball rim was mounted to the wall in the Inner Court
  • A free-throw line was painted by the teens to make it look more legit
  • They cleaned up the pine needles and then moved the pile from up by the trash trailer to the East side of the girl’s dorms which was a huge task as it had been building for years! Was have not been able to burn it down for several years due to fire bans and will probably need to have some local people do it for us after a light snow so we can get rid of the piles we have out back.
  • They also got the three windows in the Inner Court that were donated by the Sharp family when they lost their home due to a fire. What a blessing to see them up and looking so nice.
  • They also provided their own food and prepared it because of some complications with us getting up early enough to get the dining hall ready to receive food in time. They were very gracious about this and cooked some good meals on a grill they brought with them.

The Crossroads group was a tremendous blessing to me and I am so thankful for their hard work. They also prayer walked the camp several times and I believe God did some extraordinary things because we claimed the power and authority of God over this camp early on and throughout the season. It is such a privilege to use this camp for the glory of God.

The Kinietz family came up as the Crossroads group was wrapping up and they finished getting the dining hall in order to receive and prepare food for camp. They cleaned the cook’s cabin and the speaker’s trailers. And did some minor repairs and touch-up painting. They also worked on getting a low-ropes course set up to be used at camp. They also set up a shooting range behind the girl’s cabins that could be used during camp for the BB’s and archery we have. The interest for this was reignited by the Melsners donating 5 new bows with arrows to the camp the week before. (They were a great asset to have at camp and the kids loved them.)

It was good for several of the all-summer staff to be there and prepare ourselves for camp, work on music, prep for games and try to get the maintenance shed cleaned out. The shed is still not up to par, unfortunately, but we will still need to use it until we have a way to lock up stuff in the loft- like a big wooden cabinet we could padlock or something like that.

Gill Romirez came up and collected a water sample for us during Sr. Week. He is a great help. They are good neighbors for us and really watch out for us on the weekends when we are not there. They let me know when people showed up and they are not sure should be there, and just watch out for us. They are a blessing to me for sure.

Not sure if I covered it all, but this is what I can remember while I am writing about it, so thank you all for your hard work and donations to get the camp ready for use this year. It takes a small army to get camp ready and you all share in what God does in the lives of people this year at camp! May God richly bless you all!

Respectfully Submitted,

Timothy Muth


We had 59 campers this week and 32 staff members, which includes the staff kids. I felt that this was a very good week for Sr. High. It felt full although we technically had room for more, the chapel was very full and the staff had to sit outside due to no more room inside. The bigger bodies just fill up the pews with less. Our special speakers were Daniel Fiester, youth pastor from Valley Community church in Swink, and Garrett Schlegel, a former camper and full time staff member of the Navigator’s in Fort Collins. They both did a great job and the Gospel was made clear several times. They were very involved and got in the mix with the campers which had great impact on a personal level and not just as speakers.

We had a special treat this year by having an amazing team from Frontier School of the Bible come and be a part of our staff for our Sr. High Week. They are scheduled to help 8 other small camps this summer and have a couple other teams out doing the same thing. They did not ask for financial help to be there, but our camp policy has a provision for Bible college students and we gave them that little bit of a love offering. They had a profound impact of our campers as their counselors and several campers were talking about going to Bible College as the week wound down. Stephanie and Becci were counselors and gave us some really great input on things that could really help our camp be better than it already is. Andrew ran the games with the help of Chris Foerch (a regular staffer) and Joel helped the camp band by playing guitar. They were such a blessing to have on board. There is such value in having counselors who really know their Bible and challenge the campers to take their next spiritual step, and they did a great job. We hope to get a team to come out again next year if possible.

Our camp band was struggling a bit with juggling so many other things the first few sessions and we found out that there was a Praise Band from the River of Grace Church in Pueblo West. They were only missing one member and ended up picking up two from our staff and a couple campers who helped with the power point, and it went so well they ended up taking over the music for the rest of the week. They did great! I look forward to having them come again and really come prepared to do it. It was a blessing for them too as they are passionate about music and worship both. God seemed to have it all planned out in advance, we just didn’t know it until it was happening. Thanks to everyone who made the music go so well.

The testimony night is always a bit telling on how the week went and Friday night’s testimony time was fantastic! Some of the highlights for me were three young men who all claim that God is calling them to be preachers of the Gospel. Several made some pretty big moves toward God and giving Him their all. It sounded like one of the biggest impacts on them was the hike up West Spanish Peak. It was a really good hike and thanks to some outstanding weather we were able to get 33 to summit! Almost everyone else made it to the scenic rockslide. For many of the ones who went to the top it was a life experience they will not soon forget. The hikers were also challenged to listen to creation and hear what it is declaring about God and they really took up the challenge and gave several testimonies about what they learned on the hike. The testimonies were super sweet for me. To top off what was already turning out to be an amazing evening, after the testimonies were over three campers came up and asked if they could talk to me about something and I had the privilege of leading one of them to the Lord in my office. It was so sweet to see her repent and be broken over sin and then to accept the love and forgiveness that God offers. The other two stayed in and participated in the whole thing which made it doubly sweet for me to see a staffer and future staffer experience something like that and be a part of something eternal. There was another young man who really became broken for this girl after hearing her story and was asking me to pray with him for her soul, though he didn’t want to embarrass her by telling me her name. He was truly burdened for her and wanted to see her saved. I believe God did that in him and answered his impassioned prayer for her the very next night. God did several things in his life as well and I felt so blessed to be able to speak into so many lives this week. Every day I had campers and staff coming to me with Bible questions and that is something that just gets me fired up and excited. God really showed up and did something special for teen week. Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen! God is good and it is an honor to serve Him.

In His Service,

Tim Muth, Camp Director


This week we had 51 campers and 24 staff, for a total of 75 people up at camp. It was a good week for us. July 4th made it harder to fill, but it turned out to be a good week. I had to fill in as a counselor on the boy’s side, which was too bad for my boys to have such a distracted counselor. I also had to use our secretary to counsel on the girl’s side. It was a hard week to get staff, but God still blessed.

Royce Miller was our speaker and he did a great job of conveying truth and holding their attention while he did it. The campers were very engaged with what was being said. They were allowed interaction with the message and took advantage of that by responding to the message as well as asking questions at the end of a couple of the services that began to just range all over of “what does the Bible say about…” They were serious questions and some of them hard to answer Biblically, but I feel that God gave both Royce and myself the answers for the questions and it was sweet to hear them try to wrap their minds around God’s Word.

The weather was interesting too. The first day, June 30th was practically a dust storm and I told people jokingly that it wasn’t July yet and that rains don’t come until July. Well, the next day it went from dusty and dry to raining! How did the weather know it was July 1st? The rest of the week was overcast and it actually made the hike very comfortable as we did the ridge hike next to the camp. We held off for better weather to do the boats and it paid off because on the last full day we had clear skies and warmer weather than we had had the whole week and were able to enjoy being on the lake with perfect weather. About a half hour later we were up in the lunch line and the storm clouds rolled in for the afternoon. I felt like God did that just for these kids, and it was so sweet.

We also had the privilege of having Michael Kelly come up from the Pearl church in Pueblo to be our maintenance man, and he got a lot done for us. He was a homeless alcoholic for 15 years and is now born again, set free, and completely transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ! We had him share his testimony one of the mornings and it really moved the kids as well as the staff as it came up several time in the testimonies on the last night.

Another sweet blessing this week was that I got to lead the music. I love doing music for the Jr. campers. They don’t have to warm up to it, they just sing out and throw themselves into the actions and music from the get go. We had awesome worship times this week. And the testimonies on Friday night were real sweet too. There were at least two salvation testimonies and another possible one for this week. Thanks to everyone who made this week happen!

Submitted by,

Tim Muth, Camp Director


This week we had 62 campers and 41 staff for a total of 103 people at camp, plus a few visitors! God really provided the right staff for this week. There were a lot of helpers this week and it was sweet to see them serve so well together and really become close like family by the end of the week.

Our special speakers this week were; Ken Vallez in the morning sessions from Karate Plus in Colorado Springs, and Tom Fite in the evenings from Hope Community in Tucson, AZ. They both did a great job and were used by God to do something really special in the lives of these kids. There were about three salvations this week and lots of other decisions and life lessons that were learned to make this week real memorable. Tom focused on making the Bible personal by showing them that their story is part of the overall Bible story that is being written now. He really personalized the Bible and made them see how practical and applicable it is for us now, and not just back then. Ken focused on the get a grip illustration and used Karate to illustrate truths in the Christian life. He also encouraged the kids to let God get a grip on them. It was after his session where he dressed up like a black ninja and tried to “recruit” for the wrong side that I was approached by a group of girls who’s friend wanted to talk to me about becoming a Christian. She wanted more than religion has to offer and wanted a personal relationship with Jesus. She had been coming to Him for quite a while only to wake up with the burning need to finally cross the line and ask Jesus to save her that morning. It was super sweet to be there when she came to Jesus, and it was also awesome to have several friends (probably future staff members) there to help her do it. That was awesome!

The Hike was really great this week as we went to West Spanish Peak again. We had 82 on the hike and 42 made it to the top! Thanks to God for the amazing weather again. We were able to get the boats in and did a lot of extra activities even though it rained nearly every day. We had a youth pastor from Pueblo offer to help run more activities to fill up more of the dead spots in the schedule. It was really good to be more intentional with the time we have. The loose schedule has been real nice for the Sr. High Week, but the younger ones need more scheduled time, so this was a real good week to get ideas and test them out. Luke will be here for two weeks, so I am looking forward to making use of him in the future.

God bless everyone who helped this week to make camp a success! Thanks to the staff and supporters of camp for their hard work and dedication!

Submitted by,

Tim Muth, Camp Director

Jr. WEEK #2

We had 91 campers and 46 staff members at camp this week for a total of 137 people at camp. That comes out to every bed taken in each cabin, all 4 girl’s cabins and 3 boy’s cabins. We normally try to save a girl’s cabin and a boy’s cabin for the staff, but due to the speakers this week bringing their own trailers, we were able to put the girl staff in the speaker trailers and free up that fourth girl’s cabin. We had 5 extra trailers up for staff housing this week!

Our speakers for the week were Ben Johnson, a youth pastor from Westside Bible in Rocky Ford, and Brad Doherty for the morning sessions. Brad is the pastor of Branson Community Church in Branson, CO. They both did a great job of stressing the theme and trying their best to inspire the kids to want to be in the Word. Most of the kids claimed they want to spend more time in God’s Word every day. The goal was to inspire them to want to and not guilt them into feeling like they have to. The testimonies on Friday night seemed to show that was what was accomplished. On Thursday night Ben gave what I thought was a clear Gospel presentation, a “sinner’s prayer”, and an invitation to get up and head outside if this was the first time they had ever prayed a prayer like that. The response was confusing to say the least. More than half the camp came forward, but seemed to think it was some kind of early dismissal. The next day I did hear of at least a couple girls who knew what they were doing. There may have been more, but it was a bit chaotic and we weren’t ready for so many.

The last night our local fire guy, Josh Fife, who was also our EMT for the week, was able to get us permission to have a “slash fire”. It seemed a lot like a bonfire, but it was actually just a “slash fire”.  It has been quite a while since we have had a fire at the end of the week for testimonies, and it was very sweet to hear the commitments the kids had made, the things God had taught them, and to hear the prayer they requested as they went back home to the difficulties that awaited them. God is so good to let us be His hands and feet for these kids!

On the maintenance side of things, the water tank got filled again and well keeping up with the pump this year. The meter pump, however, it not working at all and we added manually. Terry Jones was our maint. guy this week and he got us some lumber and started in on a cabinet project for the loft along with several other projects that needed to be done too.

It rained every day this week, but we were still able to have a boat day, and hike the 2.5 mile ridge hike we usually do for the Jr. Weeks. Some of the rains were real downpours. The rain made it hard for staff to attend the services, but it is always refreshing to see rain. As a director, it is also nice to see the clear skies in the mornings!

God bless everyone for their help this week!

Submitted by,

Tim Muth, Camp Director


This week turned out to be pretty full with 65 campers and 40 staff to make up 105total people up at camp for the week. We kept gaining new staff members as the week progressed with a few returning to help close out the week even though they could not get away for the whole week, they were sure a big help as we shut down camp until the annual meeting.

Our speakers for the week were Jody Waldrop in the evenings. He is the youth pastor of Prairie Community Church in Firestone, CO. The morning guy was his Sr. Pastor, Brian Thompson. He came up with his family and their own camper trailer. Brian talked about creation and how it reveals God. Most of his messages were on theme and he did his best to explain why the Bible can be trusted. Jody had a theme of “He must increase and I must decrease”, and did a great job of relating to the kids and I feel that God really used both of them to prepare the kids to take their next spiritual step, and I believe the vast majority did just that. Wednesday night there was a breakthrough, and several kids came forward to deal with things. God was really moving, and I felt that there were lots of victories going on.           Thursday night we played the “persecution” game again and it had a similar effect on the kids that played it. I feel it is so important to get kids thinking about the probability that they may face real persecution for their faith in their lifetime. Several were really affected in a positive way to hold tight to their faith, and those who did not do well for this test were determined to never let fail the test in real life. I had some sweet conversations and felt the game was a turning point for quite a few of them. Also, on Friday night we were able to have another “slash fire” and God really used it and kids shared what they learned and got a few things off their chests and people (campers and leaders both) prayed over them and lifted them up. It went pretty late and was very sweet. I feel that this was truly an awesome week, because I could see God working in the lives of kids to not just get a better grip on the Word of God, but also “move to the next chair”, which means taking their next spiritual step. At the fire we also found out there were about three who said they had accepted God for the first time, and a few others who had got assurance of their salvation.

Maintenance wise I fixed several door knobs and filled the water tank again. The meter pump still does not pump so I have been adding it by hand as it fills. I also had a young man, Jacob King, who helped to get the cabinets for the loft finished and they are all done and ready to be filled. He helped me with maintenance and made some repairs around the camp, like picnic tables that seem to need more and more repairs all the time. Thank you everyone who helped out again this week. I am always amazed at the staff family God brings together and uses each week at camp. God is amazing!

Submitted by,

Tim Muth, Camp Director


There were 327 campers that came through camp salvation this year. We had more than 150 staff members who came to serve at camp. I believe that camp was a huge success again this year judging by the growth I saw in the young people who came up and took part in camp. There were about 10 who said they had accepted Christ for the first time this year and the vast majority seemed to really buy into our theme this year.

This year at camp we had the theme of “Get A Grip” and used the hand to illustrate how to get a grip on the Word of God, and stand strong in the faith. HEARING the Word is your pinky, READING is your ring finger, STUDYING is your middle finger, and MEMORIZING is your index finger. It is hard to hang on to a Bible with just “hearing” it occasionally, and the more fingers you add, the stronger your grip is, but without the thumb, none of them are really that strong. The “thumb” is MEDITATION. When you think on what you have heard, read, studied, or memorized, you find that each finger gets a better grip and it is not easy for someone to take your faith away when you have that kind of grip.

The goal of “Get A Grip” was to motivate kids to want to be in the Word for themselves. We wanted to inspire them and not just guilt them into reading the Bible. I believe that if we really knew what we had, there would be nothing that could keep us from pouring over its pages all the time. Some of the kids gave testimonies to being really inspired to spend more time with God on their own. I am thrilled that there were about ten who said they had accepted Christ as Savior this year at camp. I am also thrilled at the vast majority of campers that expressed a desire to move forward in their commitment to Christ. I am hopeful for those campers who were determined to spend more time with God every day and got a taste for it at our camp!  If they really do keep this commitment to pursue God, it will absolutely transform their lives!

A special thanks to everyone who came up and volunteered to make camp happen. We were short a few people this year, but God was faithful and things got done. I hope we have more counselors next year, especially guy counselors. Every week the staff tends to bond together and become like family. I love serving alongside such extraordinary spiritually minded people. I have such a love and respect for each of my staff. They make camp possible and successful each week. They create an environment of love and acceptance, have their hearts broken by kids they connect with, and get to see God work in their lives in powerful ways. May God give a special blessing to each and every one of you! I believe your rewards will be great.

Lots of good improvements were made to camp, as there are every year. We need to always be looking forward and improving out camp to the glory of God. We made headway on getting the loft useable for storing our maintenance stuff. Some cabinets were donated and built up at camp to store maintenance supplies along the west wall of the Inner Court. Several people helped get our new campfire pit up and running (wish you could have seen God work as people gave testimonies around our 2 campfires and got prayer and support for the road ahead. Some welding jobs were a great improvement to our camp and thanks to the Crossroads Church from Swink three donated windows were finally installed in the “Inner Court” and look amazing! Work began on a small ropes course and I hope to see more improvements there in the future. There was some drain lines that got put in, and lots of other projects done to make camp run better. Thanks to everyone who was part of the small army who got camp ready and made camp better. May God richly bless you all for your labor and donations!

The next big improvement is going to be a new chapel. Our chapel is too small to have everyone attend the services right now. The staff usually can’t fit and they sit outside if the weather is good enough, and if not they usually just miss out. We would like to build a 40’x40’ peaked roof chapel with a loft in the rafters on the back end for a sound booth. I would like to keep it simple and keep to the same style as the rest of the buildings we already have. There is more information available on line and we would love for members of camp to promote fundraising in their churches as well and volunteer help for putting it together when enough money has been raised. Money and materials are coming in for this, and I am sure God will provide all we need in His great timing. we have $20,000 of the assumed $40,000 we think it will take to build this chapel. The next step in this project, however, would be for someone with a bit of know-how to be the head contractor and work out the details of the project, like codes for Las Animas county, what we would need to do to get the permits, what we need for a foundation and how it can be done in stages so we can take advantage of volunteers who would help put it all together. If you would like to be involved, or have a team of people who would like to do one of the stages, like cement work on the foundation, putting up walls, getting the rafters and ceiling in place, finish work, loft, stage, painting the outside… I can put you on the email list for work projects and let you know when people are coming up to do that part. I would really want someone to head the project up at this point, and until then I will do what I can, but I am not the right guy to be the contractor on this.

I am so thankful for Linda Barron (who holds the trust for our camp)and Her husband Robert for taking care of us and helping us this year at camp. They also were able to show the camp off to the Parson family this summer who were around one of the weekends for some memorial events for Nora Parson, the one who originally donated the land to be used as a youth camp and helped us run it for many years. The Parsons that I got to meet and talk to were very pleased to see the camp doing so well and may even be interested in helping us with some of our upcoming projects. Praise God for the lasting legacy Nora Parsons began in our camp.

Thank you all for your prayers and support of Camp Salvation. God won some amazing victories this year and I thank you for helping to make that happen again.

God Bless!

Tim Muth

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