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Work Weekend

There was a group of people from the building committee who came up with a backhoe and got the drain lines heading out of the dining hall buried and tied in to the main sewage drain. This was very necessary and good to be done.

For Work Weekend this year the youth group from Crossroads Church came up and did a fantastic job of getting the camp ready as well as getting some much needed projects done for us, especially those that needed a welder.

Respectfully Submitted,

Kendra Sutton


June 9th – 15th we had a work week with a large youth group from Tucson AZ. There were 83 people at camp and they did work projects in the morning and then ran their summer camp during the afternoons and evenings. They were a sweet group of kids and got a lot done for the camp.

  • The biggest thing was to finish scraping, priming, and painting the rest of the buildings on campus. There were 4 cabins, three partial cabins, the cook’s cabin, and the chapel that they completed. (Tons of hands and time) They even picked up the paint chips that were blown everywhere from the pressure washer! They also finished painting the loft red. They got the floor in the Inner Court cleaned and two layers of sealer laid down.
  • We dug some holes by hand to set the safety polls in concrete for the propane tank.
  • They repaired the tin roof on Shiloh as one sheet had blown loose and had holes in several spots.  (Still needs the end cut off-couldn’t make a smooth cut with tin snips)
  • They built the frame for the trash container on the back of dining hall that we would like to cover with the left over tin when we get a saw blade to cut the tin.
  • Lots of other clean up and prepping the cabins/buildings for the next week of camp.

They had some great camp experiences as well and God moved in them as they did services and worship and discussions to encourage them in their relationships with God.

Submitted by,

Tim Muth, Camp Director

P.S.     Another thing that happened while the Hope Community group was there was that Brian Burhenn had set up some jobs for Tri City Elect. to do for the camp. Kevin Stolebarger brought a couple of his guys and covered their costs to:

  • Repair our outdoor lighting and get a few more outdoor lights installed
  • Installed an outlet for 220 to plug our new Dryer into.
  • Put outlets and lights in under the loft
  • Checked into some electrical issues we had questions about and just got a lot done in a short period of time. He even left some key chain lights that we gave to the winning team and still had some left over for the office. They were working off of Brian’s list, and got it all done I believe, so thanks to Kevin and also to Brian for lining it up.

Also, Lance Barron came by for a visit and talked to me a while. It was very nice to finally meet him for myself. He seemed glad to see some of the improvements going on, and was invited back for a meal anytime he wanted to drop in this summer. Praise God for the Barron family who is allowing us to be up on this hill and have worked to keep Mrs. Parson’s dream alive all these years!


This week we had 60campers and 33 staff. Our special speakers were Jonathan Almanzar, a pastor from a mission church in Pueblo called the Pearl.  The Morning speaker was Craig Adderley his music guy and right hand man. They did their sessions on the topic of relationships. Relationship to God, our stuff, the Word of God… They did a great job of presentation and the kids were very responsive to them. We gave them an open mic time on Wed and the campers gave testimonies for almost an hour, and the same happened the next two evenings. It was a great group of young people. Lots of potential and future staff members including a handful that are making plans to even come up this summer and pitch in!

“Amazing!” “Moving.” “Answers the questions that kids have.” Are some of the things campers said to describe this week of camp. God is so good to give us an opportunity to serve Him up here at camp and we are so thankful for all the support we have all across CO to make this camp possible! I felt that this week we had a lot of kids move closer to God. We did not have many invitations, but still saw campers respond to God in sweet ways. I was super encouraged on our last night of testimonies that several campers shared Bible verses that God had been using in their lives and gave God the glory for the work He was doing in their hearts. Great sign of maturity when God speaks to them on their own! I had the privilege of seeing so many kids have breakthrough moments this year that makes all the work worth it.

There were also a few difficult things we had to deal with that made it necessary to call authorities and report. God is working in both of these situations and, even though it is no fun, it is a privilege to be the hands and feet of Jesus by protecting kids, or showing them love that will not let them stay where they are at. Be praying that God will work all the details out for His good in their lives, as I am confident He will.

On the maintenance side of camp this year, the water is holding up, and the tanks are both filled to start the next week of camp. The well has been keeping up with the pump this year, even when we pump through the night. The loft has been super handy already and the rec. room is well used. Thanks to all who put the extra effort in this year to see all that happen!  I look forward to more improvements in the future as we move forward and as we do our best to be good stewards of this amazing camp God has given us all.

In His Service,

Tim Muth, Camp Director


This week we had 61 campers and 32 staff for a total of 93 people at camp! God really provided the right staff for this week. We were very low on cooks and women counselors for some reason this week and when we left camp after Sr. High week, we were genuinely worried about the shortages, but over the week off we had several people step up to give us just enough staff to really handle the week well. Thank God for the last minute volunteers that made this week possible! Our Speakers this week were Jody Waldrop from Firestone, who also brought his family and a handful of staff from his church to help do the music this week. They did a great job and really brought life to everything we did. God is so good! Also, our morning guy was Dan Fiester who is a youth pastor at Valley Community Church in Swink. They were a great combo and God really worked in the lives of the campers.

On Wednesday we did a foot washing after talking about the Prodigal Son story, which we covered from different angles all week. We were talking particularly about humbling ourselves, so we filled buckets with water and the girls met in the Dining Hall and the boys in the chapel. Both were super sweet. For most it was the highlight of the week and we were able to wash the camper’s feet as staff and pray encouragement and positive direction over them which was both emotional and very powerful.  As someone who was only in with the guys, I can say I don’t believe there was a dry eye in the house, because they were all in it 100% and God was blessing, encouraging, loving, speaking truth into them. Before the foot washing, a music video was shown that depicted the death burial and resurrection of Christ with scenes from the “Passion” movie in it. Several accepted Christ that night with a talk on humility. The only way I can explain that is what Jesus predicted when He said, “If I am lifted up, I will draw all men to myself.” He was lifted up and so people were drawn to Him. Oh that we would just be faithful to lift Him up!

I wish you could observe the testimony times, especially on Friday nights, because that is about the only way to really gage how the week went, but I will give my take on it. The participation seemed truly complete. During the testimony time I counted over 5 who said they accepted Christ this week, and a few more after the testimony time came up and told me as well, so about 7 salvations and a couple assurances, I believe. There were a whole lot more that dedicated themselves to God, but we did not get the numbers on that. This is an exciting group of young people and several of them have a true anointing to do the work of the ministry and it was fun to speak into their lives as staff.

Thursday we took some of the kids on a hike up Trenchera, and the rest we took on the local cliff hike, due to the lack of transportation to get them all up to Trenchera. The hike went very well with 39 who went and 15 that submitted. Some stopped at the meadow overlook and quite a few made it to the saddle back. No one got lost, no serious injuries, and the kids really accomplished something special together! The Hike was a big success! We did the boating on Tuesday and had clouds roll in before the first group was done, so the second group had to wait until Friday instead. They both had a wonderful time and really got wet! I worry about the local fishermen who I think are going to be upset, but both times were very sweet and stuck around to “watch the show” of them splashing each other and having a blast in the boats. The weather was tricky for the activities because it rained every day and usually around lunch time.

We had John Martinez with the Heath Department show up and inspect us. It went well and enjoyed our time with him again.

A special thanks to the staff this week for going above and beyond all week long and for all the young help who we got to see build some pretty sweet friendships, thank you so much! May God poor out a special blessing on each of you and prosper you wherever you are or will be! God is good, and serving Him is always worth it!

Submitted by,

Tim Muth, Camp Director


This week was crazy packed! We had a “few” walk-on’s and some extras that squeezed in with groups that we knew were coming. (We had been turning away applicants the week before and telling them to come the next Jr. week as we reached our cut-off number before the Int. 1 week started –We had made 70 our cut off so we would not over book and have room for staff still, but these all showed up at Kendra’s home address instead of the camp address, so they were not looked at until the day before camp, or they showed up as a walk-ons the day of camp.) Didn’t realize we had allowed as many campers as we did until we laid it all out and got a count after the fact and saw that we had 99 kids and 43 staff (Including some staff that showed up later in the week)! (Our license was changed from 120 to 100 a couple years ago to save on cost as we do not have the beds to have that many and still have staff to run camp). We knew it was going to be tight, because we had already moved staff around to make as much room as possible and once we had a new cabin free up because they were no longer for staff, it seemed to make it harder to say “no” to “just one more” here and there. We should not have that many kids at once at camp, as that means that staff does not have any place to stay. The girl helpers were sent to Jericho (guy help’s cabin) and the guy help drug mattresses into the Inner Court and slept up in the new loft that was built this summer during the work weeks because it was still empty as we have not had time to move stuff into it. Lunch lines took nearly an hour to get everyone through and chapel was super crowded with the campers and counselors only. All other staff sat outside on benches and missed the services when it rained. One church from Pueblo also brought 4 adult sponsors which turned out to be greatly needed with the extra kids who were filling cabins we did not anticipate. God provided and gave us an outstanding week with these Jr. Campers.

Our Special speaker was Brad Doherty from Branson and he was outstanding! He is gifted at relating to this age group. He had fun power points and illustrations and did more than just hold their attention, but also really inspired and enthused them for Jesus.  Pastor Luke Heim from Pueblo and I took the two morning sessions to fill out the rest of the speaking slots. God really worked and I counted about 5 who said they let Christ in to their heart for the first time. The feel of the group was that they were going to be “super agents” for God and not let anything silence their witness or genuine love for God. The worship time was especially fun because I got to lead it this week. The kids really got into the songs and with that many kids the worship was moving!

We also had a retired couple, Terry and Nancy Jones, who came up and got a lot of maintenance jobs done for us at camp. Shelves, lights, repairs, boats were fixed, roof repairs, clean up, painting, rodent-proofing the Inner Court with door plates, pluming issues, etc… Terry was outstanding! They also have put through so many kids this year as they have in the past, and I pray God’s blessing on them for their labor of love.

Somehow God helped us to get our hike done, and the boat rides done before the rains came and would have made it impossible to do either later in the week! God is so sweet, and the hike was mentioned several times in the testimonies as the kids shared on Friday what God taught them this week at camp. Both our campers of the week also accepted Christ this week and we were so impressed with their desire for God and change already taking place in their life as all things became new for them.

Our support staff was fantastic and was a huge asset to camp and the ministry God has given us with Kids here at Camp Salvation.  The cooks were amazing and stretched the food to feed nearly 40 more than they were expecting to have to feed until we could get some more. God is amazing, and always enough to meet every need. Praise God for His mighty works!

Submitted by,

Tim Muth, Camp Director


This week we had 50 campers and 31 staff for a total of 81 people at camp. It was a pretty full week but after last week it almost felt like a vacation! We had lots of fun and even though there was plenty of rain, we were still able to get the boat rides in as well as the big hike. Half went to Trinchera and half went on the local 2mile ridge hike. Both were fun and scenic. Most of the long hike group made it to saddleback and several made it most of the way to the peak until weather made them turn back.  We would all do the same hike together, but transportation limits what we can do to get them off the hill and to a real good hiking trail. We could really use transportation to move lots of kids at the same time. Things like church vans or multi-passenger vehicles that would come up and stay for the week or even, vehicles that could be left for the summer would be awesome!

Our speakers this week were Tom Fite from Tucson, AZ who was our evening guy and our morning guy was Brad Doherty again from Branson, CO. They both did an excellent job and the campers really responded well.  Thursday night was especially special. The campers were asked to come up if they wanted someone to pray over them and quite a few came up and lots of walls came down. Some campers came to accept Christ for the first time and several dedicated their lives to the Lord. It was a pretty special night and lots of break-through moments were happening. God is good and the spiritual battle is ongoing, so be in prayer for campers and young people. Several gave testimonies that they had considered ending their lives before camp, and had remembered being loved here at camp and so they didn’t do it One of the cooks this week is a Christian counselor for a Christian crisis help center called Teen Challenge in AZ, and I was able to get some advice and future reference help for the tough cases we seem to have every year at camp. Praise God for the assistance they gave! I was able to talk to her boss while doing reference checks and she was very helpful.

The staff was extra special this week and I was thankful for everyone that was there. Some of the helpers even started writing “missions” on the forks and spoons they were wrapping. (like, “Stare at … until they notice”, or “Point at Tim and laugh”) The kids were totally getting into them! Just an example of why I say the staff was lots of fun this week! May God poor out His blessing on everyone who helped out!

Submitted by,

Tim Muth, Camp Director

Jr. WEEK #2

We had 73 campers 31 Staff (We also had 7 staff guests who came up for a day or two, but did not stay for the week). This was a sweet group of kids this week. We were right there at the cut off number for campers this week and so it begs the question of what to do about our Jr. weeks next year as both weeks were over the cut-off point and the first was WAY over… We were blessed to have a church van stay up and that really helped when we went boating to get half the camp down without taking a half dozen vehicles to get them there. Thanks to the River church in Ordway for leaving a van!

Our special speaker this week was Ken Valles who runs Karate Plus out of Colorado Springs. He did a great job encouraging kids to be disciplined warriors for God. I do believe that this generation will really have to stand up in the midst of persecution and will overcome the wicked one as they stand up for their Savior. They were challenged with salvation as well with no real response, but over 90% did respond to the other part of the invitation of not being ashamed of the Gospel and sharing Jesus with their friends. There were a couple of girls who gave a testimony on Friday about inviting Jesus into their hearts together in their cabin the next day, so … ?

One of my personal highlights for this week were conversations with two little girls at different times who have both given God their lives and God was speaking to them so they were asking advice on how to respond to His call and that was super sweet for me to be able to advise and pray over them. I felt like they were going to be people that my grandkids would read books about because of the life they will live for God. It is such a pleasure to invest in the next generation! Another big highlight was on Friday night during supper. It began raining on us and then began to flash lightning and thunder with no time between them. It sounded like it hit the hill a couple times, so we were all stuck there in the dining hall for about a half hour. The kids started to get a little restless and then a group of campers started a Christian cheer they heard at camp and then led some rowdy praise songs and got everyone into it. They were just celebrating Jesus and it was one of those moments that I will not likely forget. The enthusiasm carried over to the chapel service when we let them out and even into the testimony time afterward. They were just in love with Jesus and were completely unashamed to show it! The testimony time after chapel was sweet, with kids loving the stuff they said God taught them this week, the verses they learned and the friends they made were the themes this time around.

Special thanks for all the staff who came and helped out. God just knows what He is doing. Thank you all for your labor of love, it was a true pleaser to work with you all and I pray that God richly blesses you for your service and love. God bless!

On a maintenance note, Mark Jordan, a local from Segundo and long time friend of the camp came up and took our trash trailer down to the dump and save willing people down in the valley from driving over 2 hours to get that job done. Thanks, Mark, and thanks for more history on the camp and the Parson family! Also, Mike Lavielle and his family came up to help with some maintenance and got quite a few jobs done! So thankful for maintenance guys who will come up during camp to help things run smoother and get projects done too!

Submitted by,

Tim Muth, Camp Director

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