Camp Salvation

Over 60 years Serving Christ!

Camp Salvation is located south of La Veta, CO on a hill overlooking North Lake. Founded in 1952 and Incorporated in 1960 as a Non-Profit Corporation, it has held camps every summer since. The Camp was started by American Sunday School Union and is governed by a local Board of directors. The Board is made up of delegates who represent a co-op of likeminded churches which all play a significant part of this unique camp. Through generous donations, dedicated volunteerism, and constant support, we have had the privilege of offering campers a great camping experience at a very reasonable cost of $85 or less per camper. These campers have been touched by the hand of God at camp, in their churches, and have gone to serve Him in their hometowns and all over the world.

In the early days campers met under army tents and slept on army cots. The camp was close to Monument Lake then. In 1963 through the generosity of the Nora Parsons Family, who owns the land, we were able to move our camp to the present site, where we now have 16 buildings, which include nice restroom facilities with shower houses for both the girls and the boys, as well as a couple trailers.  All this has been made possible by donations of time and resources by people and churches to meet the needs each year. We owe a special thanks to Nora Parsons who had the dream of having a youth camp on this hill, her daughter and son-in-law Shirley Parsons Barron and Stanley S. Barron Jr. of Weston, who purchased the land from the Parson family and dedicated it to be used as a youth camp so that Camp Salvation could continue on this amazing hilltop. And now we thank Linda Barron, Stan’s second wife, and Stan’s son Lance Barron, for keeping the tradition of Camp Salvation alive today.

Donations and voluntarism are what made the Camp special in the past and it is what keeps the Camp going now. We have cooks, counselors, workers, speakers, teachers, repairmen, recreational personal, nurses, and other people who volunteer their time and skills to make the Camp possible each week. Perhaps you are the next person to pitch in and be a part of the story of what God is doing at Camp Salvation.

If you would like more information or would like to get involved, you may call the Director, Tim Muth at (719) 469-5612 or write to us using the Contact Form here.