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Camp Salvation’s Annual Meeting will be July 25th at noon. Come join us for a potluck dinner and stick around to hear how this year’s Camp season went and give your input as we plan for next year. After the meeting we will close down Camp for the season and can use all the hands we can get!

Introducing Jesus Christ in the Heart of the Rockies

The purpose of Camp Salvation is “to evangelize, to educate, and to train in the art of Christian living, with special emphases on the work among young people.” This is our mission statement and everything at Camp is done with these goals in mind.

All day every day we have activities, games, meals and services that all have a purpose in the bigger plan of either bringing young people into a relationship with Jesus Christ, or training those who already know Him how to live for Him. These are the same basic goals that every body of believers should have. However, there is something powerful about getting away into the mountains and away from all the distractions that usually come between us and our Creator. Getting away makes it easier to hear what He has been trying to say to us. Also, there is something about living with a group of people for a week that reveals things about ourselves and makes us accountable to do the things that we say we want to do for God. Another reason it is easy to hear from God at Camp is that you are in a loving, accepting atmosphere with people who genuinely care about you and are there to see you grow spiritually. Not only that, but there are people there and also back at home who are committed to prayer for the kids up at Camp. Prayer warriors who are in fervent prayer for you and for those who are trying to minister to you. Those are some powerful reasons that make Camp such an effective tool in the lives of young people.

There are so many good reasons why Camp is such a powerful tool in the life of believers. Anyone who takes advantage of camp ministries will be blessed, and be assured that if you want to hear from God, that He also desires to speak to anyone who is trying to listen.

2015 Camp dates:

Work Week: June 15-20, contact for more information

Senior Camp: June 22-27 - $80 Ages: 14-18/Grades 9-12 FULL!

Junior Camp #1: June 29-July 3 – $70 Ages: 8-11/Grades 3rd-6th FULL!

Intermediate Camp #1: July 6-11 – $75 Ages: 12-14/Grades 6th-9th

Intermediate Camp #2: July 13-18 – $75 Ages: 12-14/Grades 6th-9th FULL!

Junior Camp #2: July 20-24 - $70 Ages: 8-11/Grades 3rd-6th

Please call Kendra Sutton for availability.

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